About us

Northwest Wahines is the brainchild  of Liv and Meira- two dedicated Oregon surfers who first connected over guitars and waves, on a van ride to Surfrider’s Clean Water Classic in Westport, WA. They have since transitioned to playing Ukuleles, but their obsession with van life and outdoor adventuring has not changed. Their passion for surfing and all things beach related remains constant.  They travel up and down coastlines singing and strumming, dreaming and scheming, and of course, surfing. Helping out where and when they can with camps for native women and girls, as well as local youth. Wherever their adventures take them (to another state or to our local breaks) they push each other to surf better and longer, dream bigger, and keep laughing and having fun with it all. Through their reciprocal relationship, they have experienced how they can be Better Together. Stronger Together.




We have so much to offer and learn from each other. We cannot underestimate the power of uplifting, celebrating, and supporting each other throughout our crazy lives. This realization has inspired us to share our passions with others and work to expand the community of Northwest Wahines.


Imagine what we can accomplish if we connect, engage, and empower this community of phenomenal women.


Connect. Empower. Engage.

Women’s surfing in the Pacific Northwest continues to be tragically under represented. This extends to the global surf culture in general. The need exists for the portrayal of strong women- giving women validation of their own strength to surf and experience the rugged conditions of the Northwest. Seeing and hearing other women do rad things, speak their truth, and tell their stories invites others to do the same. We have been underrepresented in history, but that is changing. Our voices, together, can make positive change and resonate as role models for boys, girls, men, women alike. We hope to inspire and help other women to find their strength and grit.  



This is the mission and vision of NW Wahines.

We accomplish our mission by building community through events such as the annual Women’s Expression Session, Wahine Wednesdays, the Siletz Wave Warrior camps, and various other service projects that connect girls and women to each other.


We believe that these activities will make us stronger because we are truly Better Together.