Northwest Wahines 


Alissa is an Oregon native who has a life-long obsession with all things ocean. She is a passionate marine biologist, surfer, diver, and has her PhD in marine biology from Oregon State University. She currently works for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife studying local fisheries. When Alissa is not at work, you can usually find her at the beach with her dog, a longboard, and a thermos of hot coffee (or cold beer! ). Alissa is easily recognized in the water by the loud laughs/yelling and long red hair- say hello if you see her!

Breeze is a Newport native and has always lived near the ocean. She grew up playing at agate beach and watching all the local surfers. Her family relocated to Maui for a couple of years as a child, there she caught her first waves in Lahaina Harbor. She is passionate about spending time dancing, whether on the land teaching bellydance or dancing on the waves of her local surf breaks. Breeze is a mother and enjoys working with the women and children in her community as a public health nurse. She is committed to sharing her love of the ocean and helping others to find their own connection with it. 

Irene is a dynamic educator and leader with over twelve years experience facilitating and managing environmental and sustainability education programs. She is passionate about promoting self-care (as the foundation of all care) and the integration of social justice into all facets of her life. As the co-founder of Temenos Rising, an adventure travel company focusing on developing a more sacred relationship with self, each other and the natural world, Irene is able to share her gifts and skills.  Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Irene now calls the Oregon Coast home. You might find her surfing, kayaking, sailing, crabbing, or snorkeling. She is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of the ocean to help others build confidence, gain life perspective and build a deeper connection to place. 

Kelly Potts’ exuberance for life can be contagious; all thanks to her life-long participation in sports. As a teen she formed a passionate relationship with nature when she took up surfing, marrying sport with the outdoors, and since then has centered her life around adventure and wave hunting. It is with no surprise that Kelly decided to share the great gifts she gained through surfing with her Maui community, and for the past five years and has proudly provided free surfing clinics and retreats for local females since 2011. Through the sport of surfing Kelly helps females discover their inner lordess, while perpetuating sisterhood. 


Meira has been a natural waterwoman from birth. She grew up in Oregon river rafting and splashing around in creeks and ponds. Her passion for surfing came later in life after she moved to California for college. Building her relationship with the ocean has taken her all over the world. She lived in Lennox Head, Australia where she completed her Bachelors in Marine Science & Management at Southern Cross University. During her travels to Fiji she was fortunate enough to meet a group of local surfers that took her to experience the magic of Cloudbreak. She is inspired by all things ocean related and wishes to share her passion for surfing with others. As a practicing health professional she is constantly educating and learning about achieving optimal health and wellness. She has been connecting women to the ocean and each other long before Co-founding the Women’s Expression Session 5 years ago. Her belief is that through community action and engagement we can make a difference and inspire change!

Olivia was born and raised in the valleys, mountains, and coasts of Oregon. She was lucky enough to grow up swimming in the lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and ocean here. She first fell in love with surfing at 11 years old when her sister took her out at Kahalu’u, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Back in Oregon, Olivia started surfing as soon as her and her friends were old enough to drive, and moved to Newport full-time as soon as she finished college. She finds joy in being a mother and teacher- sharing her passion for the earth and oceans, as well as music, history, and art, with future generations. The ocean has always brought out the best in her, and she loves seeing others light up in it’s waters. She shares the sentiment of Jacques Cousteau, who observed that “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”


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