Wave Warrior and Surfer Girl Camps










Surfer Girl camps were founded by Pro surfer Kelly Potts, to bring surfing to underrepresented communities, with the goal of educating, empowering, and connecting women to the ocean and each other. 

We’ve had the opportunity to help our friend and mentor, Kelly Potts, continue to carry out her dream of helping build supportive female surfing communities. Each summer we travel across the Pacific Northwest, from Crescent City to Neah Bay, to play in the ocean with the gals of the Siletz, Tolowa Dee-ni’, Yurok, and Makah tribes. These experiences taught us so much about supporting, uplifting, and listening to the girls and women we surfed with.


We saw the magic when they were invited to reflect on their ocean experiences. "I felt free", said one little girl. "I learned I'm more connected to the ocean than I thought,” relayed another. "I learned that I am powerful". The wisdom and growth that flowed from their lips confirmed our belief in the power that surfing can have on a life. With our hearts and minds full, we finally felt ready to host our own surf clinic. 


Inspired by Kelly and her programs, we developed our own camps to serve local communities. Our Wave Warrior camps originated from working with the Walden Project: Nature Connection Therapy Program. Since then we have expanded this project into the Siletz Wave Warrior camps, with grant funding and support received from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contributions Fund and the Siletz Community Health Clinic. 


Wave Warrior camps connect people to the ocean through surfing. Overall, the mission of the program is to help participants build a relationship with the ocean and each other, while learning coping techniques, cultivating confidence, and establishing a sense of self. Our camp sessions include lessons on outdoor safety and decision making, surf fundamentals and technique, and environmental stewardship. 

All proceeds/ donations from Women's Expression Session support these camps by providing funding for the upkeep and purchase of surf equipment and lunch for participants. 


“The apparently simple act of surfing can in fact become a powerful medium to help build community, and even improve humanity.” -Easkey Britton, Female Big Wave Surfer